Even as a young boy I was interested in my health. I noticed how hard my dad worked to provide a living and he smoked, I remember thinking that if I was going to be able to provide a living for my family I wanted to stay healthy. Then in 1974 when I was 19, I went into the local health food store on Pearl Rd. in Strongsville Ohio. I remember walking around looking at labels and packages for a couple hours and then I went up to the lady behind the counter and asked her a bunch of questions. She answered some of them and recommended that I get some books, one was Back to Eden by Jethro Kloss another was by Paul Bragg. Over the years I read books by Bob Hoffman about weightlifting, Bernard Jensen, Norman Walker, etc. A little later in life when I was in my mid 20s I kept having a reoccurring health problem by the time I was in my early 30s I almost died. But my wife Donna found a chiropractor who saved my life and helped me to understand a missing component that is essential for health that I will talk about later. I have not had the problem since and at the time of writing this I am 68 years old.

  A few years later we moved to Georgia, and in 1992 my wife Donna was in a traumatic brain injury car accident, was in a coma for over 5 1/2 weeks and in the hospital for over 5 months. Shortly after she came home from the hospital she started having grand mal seizures that would last for over 4 hours even at the hospital. As a result, they put her on anti-seizure medications but she still had grand mal seizures, so they put her on more medication and she still had seizures. That time of life was very stressful since my wife needed much help, and I had two daughters still at home, Sara and Marielle, my oldest daughter Jereme was newly married.  I had to make a living and keep up our spiritual routine. Then one day I got a call from the lab who did my wife's blood work and they asked me if my wife was home and if she was conscious since her medication levels were so high that she should not have been able to move and shouldn't have been conscious. At that point I decided I was going to investigate how to use natural health to help my wife get off of the medication. So I ordered the master herbalist course from John Christopher's school of natural healing. I read the information but never took all the tests. I also read information published by Richard Schultz and Richard Anderson and countless others over the years. So eventually I was able to get my wife off the medication. She still occasionally has seizures, most of the time I'm able to get them stopped but occasionally I have to have her go to the hospital for them to use medication to stop it. Of course they always want me to put her on seizure medication but I cannot bring myself to put her on medication that has horrible side effects I'd rather if need be have them use it on rare occasions because that doesn't cause long term damage to the body. ( By the way the doctors said my wife wouldn't live much past the age of 50 she is now 68 also). So I started making formulas for my wife, friends would tell me they had a problem and I would make a formula for them and they would get better and then they would tell their friends and I would make something for them and they would get better and so it finally got to the point where I either had to quit my regular job or quit helping people. Since I've always been interested in helping others the decision wasn't hard, plus it allowed me to be at home with my wife all the time. Although I do not make as much money, money has never been my focus. I have spent countless hours talking to people about health at no charge. It’s contrary to everything I believe to tell people who are suffering, sick or dying that if they pay me some money I'll tell them what they can do. I tell them because I love them and hate to see them suffer. The products that I make are very reasonably priced for the quality. Even if individuals do not buy anything I still tell them what they can do for their health. So if you have any questions feel free to e-mail me or call me or text me.