Everyone knows that a good diet is important! But trying to figure out what a good diet is in today's world can be confusing since there seems to be experts on just about every food saying eat it or don't eat it. Over the almost 50 years of looking into natural health I've concluded that what the Bible says about all the vegetation of the field can serve as food for you it's true. Now with the state of health that people are in today there does need to be some caution in using some of the vegetation of the field. But that's another subject for another time. I tell people to eat lots of fruits and vegetables, at least half of them raw so a couple pieces of fruit a day and a big salad, of course some of your veggies can be baked or steamed, lightly stir frying might be OK. When it comes to starchy food I tell people no more than 4 oz a day. So 4 ounces of whole wheat bread or brown rice, I usually recommend that if you have beans count them as half protein half starch as a general rule of thumb. The reason for limiting starch is that it is thickening agent, and when I went to school we used to take flour and add water to it and make paste and glue paper together. Not a good thing when you consider the next foundation for health. I don't tell people not to eat animal protein because our creator said we can eat it and I'm not going to disagree with him. I don't recommend more than 4 ounces of animal protein a day though. The reason for that is that when God told Noah he could eat the animals they were a whole lot healthier than the animals we get fed today. The health of an animal can have a negative impact on your health when you eat it. As a side point you don't even really need 4 ounces of animal protein a day, that is something promoted by all the people who sell protein, even vegetarian sources. The strongest animals on the planet are vegetarians and that's the last time I checked the strongest man on earth is a vegetarian. From personal experience I used to build houses for a living, and I worked very hard at it, and I would go home and lift weights I never lacked for strength, energy or muscle. The dairy that we get today for the most part is not really fit for human consumption. They homogenize, pasteurize it, and add stabilizers that changed it from the original food than it was. A little bit of dairy is not terribly detrimental, and I usually recommend that you have about an ounce of organic Kefir or organic yogurt for probiotic purposes. Of course, drinking adequate water is important. The old rule of thumb is about 1/2 an ounce per pound of body weight that might need to be adjusted up if you work outside and sweat a lot. Another point is that if you go to the grocery store and pick up a package and read ingredients on it that you can't go pick from what God called food well it's not food and you probably would be better off not eating it especially if you're trying to regain your health.