Recommended Diet

  Recommended Diet

Do eat.

Daily Minimums

2 pieces of fruit

Unlimited  vegetables 50% of which should be eaten raw. The rest should be lightly steamed, stir-fried or baked.


Daily Maximums

1 serving of starch 4 oz.

1 serving of protein (6 oz. if vegetable, 4 oz. and organic if animal)


Acceptable Oils


All oils should be cold pressed, organic. 


Whole grains only, soak overnight (breaks down the enzyme inhibitors) No GMO’s

Breads made from sprouted grains are considered vegetables



Water, distilled, filtered or reverse osmosis.

Green Teas or other herb teas

Freshly juiced fruits

Vegetables juices have 32 ounces or more. A good base for your vegetable juice is 50% carrot, 25% celery and 25% cucumbers you can add whatever you would like. If you have Cancer cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, and garlic should be added and account for 50% of you juice, and you should have at least 96 ounces a day. 


Do not eat.

Dairy - except maybe 1 oz. of organic kefir or yogurt for the probiotic benefit

Bleached, refined, processed products (white flour, white rice, etc.)

Tap water

Sugars, sugar substitutes