Sweating Treatment


If you have a fever this works great at breaking it. But if you need to create a fever this works great. Prepare the tea (Peppermint, Yarrow and Elder flowers) ahead of time and when it gets to a temperature that can be drunk quickly put in a thermos. Prepare the tub by adding the Soaking herbs to the water while the water is running, when the water is about 100 degrees have the person get in the tub and increase the temperature to 110, 112 F. keep the water in this range. Take their temperature every 10 minutes. While they are in the tub, they need to drink the tea and stay in the tub 30 minutes if they can (it is not easy). If need be, you can put an ice pack on their head. Then get out of the tub and into bed (without cooling or drying off). Now you pile natural fiber sheets and blankets on them, hot water bottles or heating pads on chest or abdomen, and the feet to drive the vinegar or garlic into the body.      

Cover feet with white cotton socks and soak bottoms of feet with raw apple cider vinegar * cover feet with plastic bag, cover with sheet and wrap feet with heating pad. In a few minutes there will be copious perspiration, and the pulse will slow down.


Aside from being anti-febrile, elder is an all-around alterative, blood purifier and general systemic cleanser.

            The great herbalist, Henry Box of Plymouth, England, says:

            For colds, influenza, fevers, inflammation of the brain, pneumonia (inflammation of the lungs), stomach, bowels, or any part, this is a certain cure.  I have never known it to fail, even when given up, and at the point of death.  It will not only save at the eleventh hour, but at the last minute of that hour.  Besides, it is so safe and harmless that you cannot use it amiss.

            This wonderful, wise old man had been a physician of herbs for over sixty years and was known as one of the great doctors of all times.


            The infusion for the tea is made as follows: (powdered herbs)

            2 tablespoons of this herbal mixture elder flowers, peppermint leaves, yarrow.

            2 pints boiling distilled water

            Pour boiling water over herbs, cover, and allow to steep (not boil) in a hot place 20 minutes.  Strain and sweeten with honey, then drink the whole amount of tea as hot as possible while closely covered in bed. The elder flowers are alterative, diaphoretic, diuretic, aperient, sudorific, emetic, relaxant, calmative and soporific.  The chemical constituents of elder flower are volatile oil, pectin, potassium chloride, potassium sulphate, sodium, magnesium, calcium salts and a small quantity of potassium nitrate.  These substances, of course, all are organic and natural.

            When taken alone, elder flowers are inclined to be emetic, and somewhat nauseous to some people.  This effect can be prevented by combining them with peppermint (Mentha piperita).  Peppermint is stimulant, nervine, calmative, and antiemetic, which offsets the undesirable effects of the elder flower.  This combination is world-famous as a great fever and cold remedy. (Note: make sure they drink plenty of warm liquid.)


* instead of vinegar you can make a paste of minced garlic and Vaseline (about equal parts), coat the very bottom of each foot wrap with gauze.

** It is best to have 32 ounces of fresh vegetable juice daily for a week before doing the sweating treatment to build up your minerals.