Spine Alignment



   Proper spinal alignment is absolutely critical for health! Whenever your spine is out of alignment nerves will be compressed, limiting nerve force to various organs or tissue of the body. Not a good thing! At the same time muscles will be tightening up in various parts of the back, legs, hips, neck, shoulders etc. Because the body is trying to protect nerves from damage. So that means that you would have one kidney getting less nerve function and the muscles would be tighter around that kidney limiting blood and lymphatic fluid flow, there is no way that kidney will be able to stay healthy. That is why at times people will develop kidney stones but rarely are they in both kidneys and when they are, one kidney is worse than the other because of the above-mentioned facts. That principle applies to so many parts of the body. Many times during a woman's monthly cycle one of her ovaries might be more painful than the other, or might have developed cyst or fibroids, if both of them have it usually one is worse. A person usually gets an ear infection in one ear, why? Well, if the neck and shoulder muscles are tighter on one side of the body it's going to slow blood and lymphatic fluid flow, that area will not be able to stay healthy.

   Your body is always trying to communicate with you, that's what all symptoms actually are! Sometimes the communication is visual, sometimes you can look at a friend I know he isn't feeling good, or is depressed or anxious. Another form of visual communication has to do with spine alignment for example if you're standing in front of a mirror and one shoulder is higher than the other that's your body telling you you're out of alignment, that's a whisper. If you don't listen to the whisper then it usually starts yelling at you because you start developing pain, in the neck, in the back, the sciatic etc. And as you probably no from reading the about us section a chiropractor saved my life when I was a young man. So a good chiropractor is very valuable. I also recognize that not everybody's going to be able to afford to go to the chiropractor every time they look in the mirror and see that they're crooked. There are some things you can do yourself in between chiropractic visits. As was already mentioned soaking in a tub of Epsom salts can relax muscles, stretching can help spine alignment, so many natural health systems of other cultures had ways to keep the spine and alignment. Most of those systems can be  complicated, but it doesn't have to be. So here are the rules for spinal alignment.

   Proper stance in front of the mirror. Feet about shoulder width apart, feet pointing straight, and feet even, one foot not in front of the other. Stand up straight with arms at your side, notice if one shoulders higher than the other. Taking a level and a sharpie and drawing level lines on your mirror can help you to determine whether you're out of alignment, it also serves as a good reminder to pay attention to the whisper. For illustration purposes let's say your left shoulder is higher than your right. Here are the rules.

   High shoulder you go low on the hip on that same side with a wedge, some chiropractors use what is called Pelvic Sacral Blocks. Low shoulder you go high on the hip on the same side with the other wedge. Of course you're laying on your back on the floor. The lower part of your hip is where your leg ties into your hip joint, the high part of your hip is where your belt would be. So you have these blocks slid under your hips one high, one low, based on what your shoulders are showing you. This is designed to take the rotation or torquing out of your hips that's causing the spine misalignment. I typically lay on the blocks for 7 minutes when I stand up my hips are square but my spine is still holding on to the previous tension so you have to walk for five minutes not carrying anything just letting your arms glide with each step. Then go look in the mirror and ideally your shoulders should be level. If they're not that's your body telling you you're holding on to too much tension so you can try it again or soak in some Epsom salts to pull the tightness out of your muscles. Get into habit of looking in the mirror at least twice a day sometime in the morning and some time before you go to bed, if you're crooked fix it if you're not crooked you don't have to do anything. Of course, this information is not designed to replace your chiropractor just to help you when you can't make it for a visit or don't have the money to go.